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Optimal sun protection, for your car’s entire lifetime

BRUXSAFOL – Top-Quality Films  / BRUXSAFOL Automotive Window Films

Why Automotive Window Films?

Sun = Heat. Modern vehicles are characterized by very generously sized window areas. This has a lot of advantages, of course (a lot of light, good overview, etc.) But if there is strong direct sunlight, the “sweat-inducing” disadvantages become visible. The vehicle quickly turns into a rolling sauna; the interior temperatures rise to unbearable heights – especially if the car has been parked for some time.

BRUXSAFOL-NON-REFLECTIVE-SUPREME provides effective protection against excessive overheating of the interior and glare – without the more or less strong reflection encountered when metalized films are used. Optically, they are barely distinguishable from manufacturer-tinted colored windows – while offering a significantly superior UV reduction of more than 99%.

Aggressive UV radiation is one of the factors responsible for the premature fading of plastic parts, fabric, and leather upholstery. Also, it is generally known that too much UV-A radiation encourages the development of skin cancer.

Depending on the type, the new generation of NR-SUPREME automotive window films filters up to 42% of the radiation energy responsible for overheating and more than 99% of the harmful ultraviolet range from the sunlight.

Indulge yourself in this extra luxury!

Effective sun protection without mirror effect!